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Swim with the Pigs

Swim with the pigs at the beautiful Meek's Patch (now better known as Pig Island), just minutes away from both Spanish Wells and Eleuthera.  The swimming pigs are so friendly and eager to meet you! Pig Island Adventures is managed by our own Capt. Tom, who ensures your experience at Pig Island will be an unforgettable one.

Cave Exploring

Explore the underground world of the Bahamas. The Cay Witness can take you inside the famous Thunderball Cave, Preacher's Cave and Hatchet Bay Cave, to name a few. James Bond was here! You may recognise Thunderball cave from the James Bond movies, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again. Thunderball Cave was also the filming site for Splash, starring Tom Hanks. Your guide will explain the history behind these caves while you freely explore these underground worlds. You'll surely understand why Hollywood has taken such an interest in this stunning location. 

Reef/Shipwreck Diving

Experience the wonder and majesty of the underwater world of the Bahamas.  Dive local reefs or travel to different islands to explore sunken ships, planes and hotspots.  Dive the 260ft frieghter, the Arimoroa, that ran aground in 1970, near Egg Island, after catching afire. The bow of this ship still remains out of water, creating the perfect underwater habitat for hundreds of marine life species to live and breed.

Cliff Jumping

Soar through the air into the crystal clear Bahamian sea.  The nearby cliff, Ridley's Head, is located just off The Devil's Backbone where William Sayle was shipwrecked in the 1600's.   Tough for William, but aren't we glad he discovered this beautiful place?

Blue Hole Diving

Visit the inland Blue Hole located in North Eleuthera.  Cay Witness Charters can take you to this hidden jewel, undiscovered by many, even locals.  Jump off the 20ft cliff into the breathtaking abyss; this is an exhilarating experience you'll never forget.


Cay Witness Charters can take you to snorkel the most beautiful scenery the Bahamas has to offer.  Snorkel local coral reefs, The Devil's Backbone, sunken ships and more in Spanish Wells and Eleuthera or travel to a new island to explore the beauty of the underwater world.

Island Tours & Beach Combing

Live on island time with Cay Witness Charters. Gather sandollars, starfish and shells at the breath taking Sandollar Beach just a short boat ride from Spanish Wells and Pig Island. Experience the life of a local with an island tour of Eleuthera or Harbor Island.  Visit Preacher's Cave, Hatchet Bay Cave, Ben Bay Beach, Twin Coves Beach, Pink Sands Beach, The Cove Resort and Restaurant, French Leave Restaurant and Bar, Tippy's, or any other place you desire.  Gather shells, have lunch on the beach or just relax and enjoy our sandy white (or pink) beaches.

Deep Sea Fishing

Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, just to name a few. Some of the best deep sea fishing in the Bahamas is right here in Spanish Wells. Venture out into the deep for the big game fish you've always dreamed of reeling in!  Cook your catch on the beach to finish off your day with Cay Witness Charters.

Feed the Sharks (Exuma Cays)

It's lunchtime! With Cay Witness Charters you can experience an exhilarating shark feeding frenzy in the beautiful Exuma Cays. Swim with the friendly nurse sharks and stingrays, and watch the wild caribbean reef sharks and lemon sharks chow down just inches from the beach.

Meet the Iguanas (Exuma Cays)

On the beautiful Allen Cay you'll come face to face with the rare Exuma Island Iguana.  This endangered species of iguana can only be found on a few cays in the Bahamas, so don't miss out on your chance to meet them.  As strangely social creatures, these iguanas wait under the trees and rocks for visitors.  Upon your arrival, they will run to greet you at the seashore.  This is an unforgettable experience, fun for all ages.

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Cliff Jumping
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Island Tours and Beach Combing
Deep Sea/Handline Fishing
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